Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ready, Kickstarter, GO!

I've been trying to do more with my illustration work. My regular readers probably knew that already though.

"You'll find a publisher interested in your work if you just keep trying", and, "Why don't you just self-publish a book?", are phrases that I've been hearing an awful lot. They're both good suggestions, but the real issues boil down to a lack of people seeing my work and that pesky, 'it costs money to do stuff', thing. 

The Curious Concepts Project

See some cool illustrations, Help make them available online, 
& Take part in the creation of a whole new series.

It's a small Kickstarter campaign that I've started to give more people the chance to see some of my illustration work, hopefully raise the funds I need to finally make prints of my work available online, and, also hopefully get started on a whole new series-Inspired by fans/supporters of my work. 

I don't think the full series has made it to the blog yet, so here's a mini promo shot;

If you want to see the full view of any of these, just fall down the rabbit hole follow the link to my Kickstarter campaign, the gallery link is in the project description, several times.

I know that many of you have found your way here because of my miniature work, but I'd like to think that my illustration work can be just as intriguing. If you agree, once again, follow the link to learn more about this campaign. If you disagree, well it looks like I've got a few weeks to try and change your mind. :)

Want to help me spread the word? Feel free to post a link to my Kickstarter campaign on your site, blog, facebook page, Twitter, Tumbler, or where ever else you would like to promote it. (be nice though, please don't spam). As a thank you, let me know if you've tried to help out, a comment letting me know works, and I'll return the favor here on my blog. :) If successful, all official backers to this project are getting a special, "Thank You", post, so why not extend a similar courtesy to all the nice bloggers out there too?

This Campaign runs until May 4th and I will be regularly posting about it until then, but do not worry about my project for Undersized Urbanite-I'm still working on that too.

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