Thursday, April 25, 2013

Want Some Promotion on my Blog? Back My Project!!


About the blog;

My blog ( ) focuses on art, design, illustration, crafts, miniatures, and other creative things. That is what me and my readers are interested in reading/talking about. If that's the kind of audience you want seeing more of your work, then I have a unique promotion opportunity for you. This opportunity is only going to be available for 1 week, and ends on May 4th. So if you're interested, please keep reading.

For the past month I've been running a Kickstarter Campaign to raise the funds I need to create, print, and ship both an original series of digital paintings AND create a whole new series based on some backer chosen guidelines.


>>>The Curious Concepts Project (on Kickstarter);  <<<


Thanks to a growing list of supporters, it's 90% funded, but we're still $59 short and there's only one week left. Kickstarter won't clear funding for a project unless we raise 100% by May 4th. And so I'm looking for more potential backers who want to join in.

One of the many pledge rewards for backing my project is that all backers are getting their names listed in a special 'Thank You' post on my blog.


>>> This blog;  <<<


It's a newer blog, a little over a year old, but it's been steadily gaining readers. Since January it's been averaging 700 monthly visitors and has been growing by 50-100 visits per month. These readers are there to read about my projects and other interesting things that I may come across online and offline. That's a pretty big audience for an unknown artist, don't you think? And I've been thinking...Some of the current and possible future backers of my project are fellow artists, small business owners, and/or maybe just have something online that could use more promoting.

So here's a New Offer/Reward;

Anyone who backs my project, even just the $1 minimum, will get the option to have a link to their website, online portfolio, DeviantArt gallery, Facebook page, or other publicly available online thing posted along with their name on the 'Thank You' blog post.

Basic Rules

1. You have to be personally responsible to the site/account that you want me to link too.

2. My blog is appropriate for all ages to read. Your link can't lead to "Adult", "Mature", or "Not Safe For Work", content. Please keep it PG. (I know there are filters on sites like DeviantArt, but it's my blog, my call. I have the right to say "No" if it looks like your link leads somewhere sketchy)

3. If the Campaign is not 100% funded, you won't be charged, but you also won't get your site posted on my blog. So spread the word! Let's make this happen!

4. I am posting links on my blog out of respect and gratitude for your pledges, but unless I look through your site and find something blog worthy to talk about, I can't personally endorse anything that I'll be linking to in this Thank You post. (No promises, but I will check out your site when I get some free time, and contact you if I'm interested in featuring your work in later posts) You're welcome to send me a one paragraph write up about your site, along with the link.

5. The Thank you blog post will remain online as long as the blog does. That could end up being years worth of advertising, no extra fees.

And this isn't really a rule, but I recommend that the site you have me link to has something to do with art, design, illustration, craftwork, miniatures, and/or other creative things. That's what visitors to my blog are usually interested in, so those are the best things to promote here.


Sound good to you?

If so, head on over to my campaign page on Kickstarter for more info and to make your pledge;

You're welcome to send me a message with the link to your site right after pledging or you can just kick back and relax-I'll be collecting all of that info from my backers after the campaign ends.
(Only if we reach 100% !)


If you've already made a pledge, you get to promote your site too!

(Please note: There will also be an extra supporters page on my website, but because it's my online portfolio, that will be Backer's names only)


If you know anyone who would be interested in some online promotion, send them here;  Only 8 days left!

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