Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Curious Concepts Project, Mid-Campaign Update

Check it out; http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/690850738/the-curious-concepts-project?ref=home_location

The project has 12 backers, and it's been funded 72% !  That means that my project is sooo close to happening, "impossible", can only be used in quotations when talking about this project now. :)

There's little more than 2  weeks left, which means that my attempt to raise funds and start a whole new series of illustrations, is moving into some shaky  territory.  Kickstarter is 'All or Nothing', so not raising that last  28% will kill the whole thing, which at this point would be really sad. We're so close, and some of my backers have been expressing their excitement over the new series-They get to decide what I have to illustrate. And since early on a couple backers gave donations(it's not really a donation thing, but ok), insisting that I don't give them anything in return, my estimated budget went up, and so now backers will be getting postcards!!! ...As long as we reach 100%  funding!

As part of the project itself, this blog and my FB page will be used to gather input from any/all of my followers during the making of the new series. So even non-backers can get involved, but we have to raise the funds first. So spread the word if you want this to happen!

Right now we're trying to decide what postcard design I should have printed. I came up with 6 options, but since this is an extra reward and I have to get them made in 100+ batches, my current budget means that I'm only sending 1 design to the printer.

And please, "Like" & "Share" too.


As I previously mentioned, any bloggers willing to spread the word about my project, will get the same courtesy from me in return, and although I don't think she actively follows this blog, Jackie from Bon AppetEats posted my project everywhere she could.

Regular readers may recognize that name, I was hired to design the logo and some web banners for Bon AppetEats, and the project went so well I now consider Jackie an online friend.

My artistic focus tends to be split 3 ways, but Jackie is all about clay miniatures. And it shows, her work is astounding.

I encourage you to check out her gallery on DeviantArt (that's were I usually view it); http://bon-appeteats.deviantart.com/

And to stop by her Etsy shop; https://www.etsy.com/shop/BonAppetEats

In light of the bad, bad thing that happened in Boston, she just posted
Miniature Boston Cream Pie charms, proceeds to be donated the Red Cross because, hey, she's a really  nice person.

Thanks again Jackie, Best wishes for you and your business.

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