Monday, April 29, 2013


Thank You Everyone!

A new series of illustrations, online prints, postcards, and all of the other claimed backer rewards-coming soon!

The campaign is still on for a few more days-It's happening!-Don't miss out;

Pledge to have a say in what I will include in the new series & to get some neat stuff.

Pledges for Postcards have been added! Pledge $3 or more to get yours!
Vote for the design on FB NOW! ;
(voting is open to everyone)

>>>Dirt cheap Ad space, and help fund a creative project?<<< Just pledge $1 or more towards "The Curious Concepts Project" and I'll post a link to your website, blog, facebook page, Etsy Shop,  whatever, on my blog. And it will stay there as long as the blog does. Check out the campaign page on Kickstarter for the details;

A good chunk of my readers are waiting to see what happens with my entry to Undersized Urbanite, which I can now focus on 100% knowing that this next project will be funded. And because 1 or 2 followers of this blog decided to back this project,  again Thank You, I just had to post this one last funding update letting everyone know that we did it!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Crunch-Time Weekend Updates

First, I'd like to post an update for my Kickstarter campaign; 93% funded.

This project is so, So close to being funded. Just $39 short. 5 days to go. (Ah!)

If you haven't  looked into it yet, I really wish you would;

Even if you only pledge $1 towards "The Curious Concepts Project", I'll post a link to your website, blog, facebook page, whatever, on my blog. And it will stay there as long as the blog does. < New Offer, btw.

And voting is still open for the postcards (on Facebook);

Of course, these things only happen if we manage to raise the $39 by May 4th, so tell your friends too!


And here's what I've been working on for Undersized Urbanite;

Just a few more tiles and I'll be done with the kitchen floor.

And I'm done with the roof pieces. Woohoo!

1 week to go!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Want Some Promotion on my Blog? Back My Project!!


About the blog;

My blog ( ) focuses on art, design, illustration, crafts, miniatures, and other creative things. That is what me and my readers are interested in reading/talking about. If that's the kind of audience you want seeing more of your work, then I have a unique promotion opportunity for you. This opportunity is only going to be available for 1 week, and ends on May 4th. So if you're interested, please keep reading.

For the past month I've been running a Kickstarter Campaign to raise the funds I need to create, print, and ship both an original series of digital paintings AND create a whole new series based on some backer chosen guidelines.


>>>The Curious Concepts Project (on Kickstarter);  <<<


Thanks to a growing list of supporters, it's 90% funded, but we're still $59 short and there's only one week left. Kickstarter won't clear funding for a project unless we raise 100% by May 4th. And so I'm looking for more potential backers who want to join in.

One of the many pledge rewards for backing my project is that all backers are getting their names listed in a special 'Thank You' post on my blog.


>>> This blog;  <<<


It's a newer blog, a little over a year old, but it's been steadily gaining readers. Since January it's been averaging 700 monthly visitors and has been growing by 50-100 visits per month. These readers are there to read about my projects and other interesting things that I may come across online and offline. That's a pretty big audience for an unknown artist, don't you think? And I've been thinking...Some of the current and possible future backers of my project are fellow artists, small business owners, and/or maybe just have something online that could use more promoting.

So here's a New Offer/Reward;

Anyone who backs my project, even just the $1 minimum, will get the option to have a link to their website, online portfolio, DeviantArt gallery, Facebook page, or other publicly available online thing posted along with their name on the 'Thank You' blog post.

Basic Rules

1. You have to be personally responsible to the site/account that you want me to link too.

2. My blog is appropriate for all ages to read. Your link can't lead to "Adult", "Mature", or "Not Safe For Work", content. Please keep it PG. (I know there are filters on sites like DeviantArt, but it's my blog, my call. I have the right to say "No" if it looks like your link leads somewhere sketchy)

3. If the Campaign is not 100% funded, you won't be charged, but you also won't get your site posted on my blog. So spread the word! Let's make this happen!

4. I am posting links on my blog out of respect and gratitude for your pledges, but unless I look through your site and find something blog worthy to talk about, I can't personally endorse anything that I'll be linking to in this Thank You post. (No promises, but I will check out your site when I get some free time, and contact you if I'm interested in featuring your work in later posts) You're welcome to send me a one paragraph write up about your site, along with the link.

5. The Thank you blog post will remain online as long as the blog does. That could end up being years worth of advertising, no extra fees.

And this isn't really a rule, but I recommend that the site you have me link to has something to do with art, design, illustration, craftwork, miniatures, and/or other creative things. That's what visitors to my blog are usually interested in, so those are the best things to promote here.


Sound good to you?

If so, head on over to my campaign page on Kickstarter for more info and to make your pledge;

You're welcome to send me a message with the link to your site right after pledging or you can just kick back and relax-I'll be collecting all of that info from my backers after the campaign ends.
(Only if we reach 100% !)


If you've already made a pledge, you get to promote your site too!

(Please note: There will also be an extra supporters page on my website, but because it's my online portfolio, that will be Backer's names only)


If you know anyone who would be interested in some online promotion, send them here;  Only 8 days left!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Undersized Urbanite - The Eclectic Tile Floor- WIP

This was both a great idea and a terrible idea. Alright, so maybe not 'terrible', but I'm really cutting it too close to the deadline to start a project like this. And yet, I did.

You may recall my dilemma with the carpet for the kitchen/living-room. Well I decided to move the carpet up to the bedroom floor (it needed a carpet, why not that one?), and just extend the tile portion to cover that whole space. Which made it time to actually start on, the now 2x sized, tile floor. And of course, I had to make it one of the most intricate parts of the house.

Step 1, roll out and bake various colors of polymer clay ;

Step 2, Start cutting up the clay into tiles.

Step 3, Have fun with the translucent tiles by gluing cute pen doodles to the backs of the them.

And yes, that batch on the left does say, "KYLE", (twice). I'm putting my name on(in) this floor!
Step 4, Start gluing the tiles into place on a graph paper template, in an 'organized chaos' manner.
Step 5, Remember that the fireplace in this room has a black tile back-splash made out of corrugated paper that needs to kind of match, so add some of that in too.

Step 6, Decide not to be wasteful and start to gather up all of the clay scraps to make into more tiles after you run out of, 'the good pieces'.

Step 7, Make those tiles.

Step 8, After you run out of baked clay, Take a photo to show all of your blog readers how much you underestimated the size of this floor you're making.

White squares = I need to go bake some more clay. :)

The plan was to paint stuff this week, but I wasn't really in the mood for it and for some reason I like the mind-numbing task of mosaic work. So there you go.

 Will I get this house done on time? Stay Tuned!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Updates: Weather, Undersized Urbanite, Etc.

It's 2 am, but I feel like it's time for a new post, and I'll sleep better not putting off some things so it's list time again;

1. What is April doing? One day, it feels like summer, then it rains. Fine. Then it's summer again and sunny (^_^), BUT THEN-

Weather, please get your snow out of my sunny day.

Granted, it is really pretty, but I'm done with the cold, thank you.

2. Went to a baby shower, about 1 1/2 hours away, and on the way back was basically antiquing with my mother again, except it was more country stores/gift shops this time. Ended up with a few things, that will probably show up here someday, but my two picks would have to be,

Another witty sign, it's a Dr. Suess quote that you can't argue with.
(This is sign #2. That's it, no more room. Please remind me of that if I post a #3)


This ginormous pendant necklace! It's so heavy, it actually hurt my neck to wear it. It was on sale, probably because it's so distractingly big and heavy. Not planning to use it as jewelry. It just seemed like something interesting I could put some where in the Steampunk house. Or save for one of the other houses. It was too cool of a found object to pass up, ya know?
3. Undersized Urbanite Update-Last update was me just announcing that I was spending a few days putting together all the finished pieces. It was progressing, but then I got to sections that needed to be painted, or something else that had to be done before the next part could go in. And then I realized that the kitchen/living room didn't have much room for guessing when it came to cutting the wallpaper, and I needed to make doors and floors and back splashes. No I didn't get overwhelmed and end up behind, actually I made a ton of progress, but with most of the gluing happening on the exterior, the inside looks more disheveled than I though it would've at this point;

Double checking the layout here. 
The walls should all be in place next post.
Look, new doors!

Oh, and did I ever tell you the plan for the bedroom? No? Well that's because today was the first day I actually put any real thought into it. Don't worry, I had that mini-panic attack 3 weeks ago (ha-mini XD) but then I remembered that I made some twin beds as part of a temp scene for the Cubebot Challenge that I decided to save just in case, so half the furniture is already done (bunk beds coming soon).

As I said, I'm cutting out the wallpaper for the kitchen/living room and it's a tight fit. The scrapbook paper's 1/4 in. too short, and there's a faux-worn spot that I was planning to cut out of it, which makes it more like a full inch too short. I knew that from the beginning though, and I was also planning to make a backsplash for the fireplace, which would fix everything. So along with making the rest of the doors, that was today's mini project;

It's the same paper I've been using for the roof singles, cut into much smaller pieces.
A little paint, and we're good to go.

4. While I was working on the Steampunk house, my little brother was doing yard work for a neighbor, found some garden snakes, decided to move them out to the nearby woods where they wouldn't bother anyone, but first-

He brought them inside to show everyone...yay...
5. The Curious Concepts Project is 89% Funded! 
So, so close. Just $64 short but only 11 days left, so it's really coming down to the wire now.

I'm just going to link to my DA journal for this update (I just posted it);
And if you haven't found your way to the project on Kickstarter yet, I encourage you to follow this link and check it out;

Thank you!

6. ...Is there a 6? No? Ok, well I guess that's it for now. Looking forward to sleeping. Tomorrow's another work on the Steampunk house day, there have been a lot of those lately, and oh hey, it's 3 am now, and I'm just rambling, so bye. :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stick It All Together and What Have I Got?

I'm now at the point of this project that I need to start gluing, taping, and touch up painting it all together, and then continue on from there.

There's a dining room table full of finished, or almost finished, pieces waiting to be attached to some part of the house, so that's the plan for the next couple of days. Also, tiny industrial looking bar stools...and maybe some polymer clay pieces. So far, so good.

The Curious Concepts Project, Mid-Campaign Update

Check it out;

The project has 12 backers, and it's been funded 72% !  That means that my project is sooo close to happening, "impossible", can only be used in quotations when talking about this project now. :)

There's little more than 2  weeks left, which means that my attempt to raise funds and start a whole new series of illustrations, is moving into some shaky  territory.  Kickstarter is 'All or Nothing', so not raising that last  28% will kill the whole thing, which at this point would be really sad. We're so close, and some of my backers have been expressing their excitement over the new series-They get to decide what I have to illustrate. And since early on a couple backers gave donations(it's not really a donation thing, but ok), insisting that I don't give them anything in return, my estimated budget went up, and so now backers will be getting postcards!!! ...As long as we reach 100%  funding!

As part of the project itself, this blog and my FB page will be used to gather input from any/all of my followers during the making of the new series. So even non-backers can get involved, but we have to raise the funds first. So spread the word if you want this to happen!

Right now we're trying to decide what postcard design I should have printed. I came up with 6 options, but since this is an extra reward and I have to get them made in 100+ batches, my current budget means that I'm only sending 1 design to the printer.

And please, "Like" & "Share" too.


As I previously mentioned, any bloggers willing to spread the word about my project, will get the same courtesy from me in return, and although I don't think she actively follows this blog, Jackie from Bon AppetEats posted my project everywhere she could.

Regular readers may recognize that name, I was hired to design the logo and some web banners for Bon AppetEats, and the project went so well I now consider Jackie an online friend.

My artistic focus tends to be split 3 ways, but Jackie is all about clay miniatures. And it shows, her work is astounding.

I encourage you to check out her gallery on DeviantArt (that's were I usually view it);

And to stop by her Etsy shop;

In light of the bad, bad thing that happened in Boston, she just posted
Miniature Boston Cream Pie charms, proceeds to be donated the Red Cross because, hey, she's a really  nice person.

Thanks again Jackie, Best wishes for you and your business.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Miniature Riker Mounts

More progress on my entry for Undersized Urbanite, but first a bit of a context;

Nathan, my little brother (he's been taller than me for years, but still) is really into 'Creepy Crawlies'. I have no idea what his online rep. for this is, but I know that people with doctorate degrees sometimes ask him questions, so it would not surprised to hear a lot of people know him. Anyway, he's been obsessed with Entomology (the study of insects) long before he could even correctly pronounce the word, "Entomology". To be fair, he is also really into spiders and reptiles, and small mammals. When alive, these creatures tend to be pets, but when they eventually die, well, he has a lot of display cases full of preserved specimens. And it's not surprising to see him recieve dead animals as gifts. Yes, he is an odd one.

How odd exactly? Several years ago, he had a Praying Mantis egg sack (an "Ootheca", btw) in a little container, which he carried around everywhere for weeks until the eggs hatched (he even hand braided a strap to keep the container attached to his arm), WHICH I HAD COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT until he brought it up the other day, because in the years after this egg hatching venture of his, there have been soooo may other weird experiences that my brain decided it wasn't so strange that it has to stick in my memories.

I have a couple of friends who are shocked by how calm my family and I are about all this, my parents have always been encouraging when it comes to our interests, and honestly after years of babysitting Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, getting in to arguments that started with, "I told you to keep you Scorpions away from my Laptop", and a parade of strange creatures handed to me over the years- I think I'm just used to it. Btw, I've seen, that weird spider thing from Harry Potter, in person.(completely harmless)

And putting up with it all, does have it's benefits. Like say, I decide that my Steampunk dollhouse's observatory room really could use some Riker Mounts along the back wall;

(still WIP, but already pretty awesome)

Not only do I know what they are called and how they should look when they're done (these still need some acetate and paint), but I also have free access to several perfectly displayed bugs to photograph and scale down. And since they were already the dead ones I didn't even have to touch any of them. (woohoo!)

Well, my brother did tell me that the size ratio isn't quite 100% (it's close enough though), one was a gift that hadn't been properly pinned (made a point of saying that wasn't his fault), but otherwise I didn't do a terrible job.

I can name about half of these...

I cut out the photos and folded their legs/wings before gluing them in place, so that they'd look more like real bugs. To make my life easier, I stuck with the bigger bugs. How big? I roughly measured the larger ones at around 5 in.

Told you so.

And to give you an idea of how small my little cut outs are;

Real butterfly vs. My mini version.
And while I was looking through my brother's bugs, I found an Egyptian clay Scarab Beetle bead that I had loaned him for a project (it had gotten lost in the shuffle), which reminded me that I had a mummy bead that might look good in this house;
 I also found a broken metal flower pin that might work as decor, 
and did I show off the new skull beads yet?

I bought/found all of those at a rock & gem show that my family goes to/volunteers at thanks to one of my other brothers.

So for future reference, weird family = awesome resources, and one more thing crossed off my Steampunk house to-do list.

Which is good because while I was working on the roof this week, I heard a small *Thud*, which turned out to be the basement ceiling;

It's not even that heavy. Looks like I need to re-glue it, and remember to leave the clamps on overnight his time (I knew I rushed through it last time).

Monday, April 8, 2013

Day Trip - And I Took Photos

Thanks to an unintentional coincidence in the timing, the end of The Curious Concepts Project Campaign and the deadline to complete entries for Undersized Urbanite are  both May 4th. So starting after this post, this blog is going to be nothing, but stuff related to those projects until May. I say, "after this post" because, well, did you read this post's title?

My mom, her friend, and I went antiquing on a Monday. Do not go antiquing on a Monday, most antique stores will not be open, but it was just meant to be a wandering around looking for cool stuff kind of day, so it actually went really well for us.

First photo worthy moment, driving through the Alabama swamps (Alabama, NY, btw). It's a great birdwatching spot this time of year (migration birds), and after pulling over to look at the third Great Blue Heron on our way, we pulled into an observation area.

We saw at least five herons, most of them were flying around and catching fish, this is the only one that stayed put long enough for me to grab my camera and get out of the car.

Poor attempt at a close up-you're welcome

Probably the most heron I've seen in an outing that didn't involve a kayak.

So then we went driving around the middle of nowhere, which led to the next photo-op;

Ah, alternative energy

First time I saw wind turbines, it was at night, during a snow storm, just creepy. Up against a blue sky backdrop though, kind of pretty.

That and several country stores, was my day. Ended up with some dime-sized mini Cardinal birds,

Probably too big to be 1:12 scale birds, but home decor pieces, that could work.

And in a world where who you are and what you do can always be defined by a clever sign or two, my mother gave me this;

That sounds about right.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Undersized Urbanite - "Raise the Roof", Progress Update

This week/weekend was work on the roof week, in which I hoped to get a lot farther than I did, but since I still managed to get through one of the trickier parts, I'm pretty happy with the results so far.

Look, the house is upright again! I decided that the stonework has turned out so well that I won't mind gluing it all in place, after I paint a few more spots. So it's pretty much just a masking tape dry fit (sticky fit?), and a little droopy. I've been moving it around the house more than I should've because a curious toddler made a few unplanned after-Easter visits. First visit, the house didn't have it's siding and she left it alone. Second visit, she made a pit stop from looking for toys, to play with the house's chimney, and that's when I realized that the Steampunk house needs to hide when she's here. I'm all for playing with dollhouses, just not this dollhouse.

The front of this house is so flat, I thought it would nice to give the roof more texture by cutting some corrugated scrapbook paper into rounded shingles, it's looking good. I've got another row and some edges to trim for the front, which thanks to that window, should be the worst of it. Then there's the interior side of the cabinet, and the top of the shelving portion. Sounds like a lot, but once I cut up all the pieces it goes fast. Everything needs to be done by May 4th, I'm hoping for the 2nd though, so I have time to take decent photos. Hmmm...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ready, Kickstarter, GO!

I've been trying to do more with my illustration work. My regular readers probably knew that already though.

"You'll find a publisher interested in your work if you just keep trying", and, "Why don't you just self-publish a book?", are phrases that I've been hearing an awful lot. They're both good suggestions, but the real issues boil down to a lack of people seeing my work and that pesky, 'it costs money to do stuff', thing. 

The Curious Concepts Project

See some cool illustrations, Help make them available online, 
& Take part in the creation of a whole new series.

It's a small Kickstarter campaign that I've started to give more people the chance to see some of my illustration work, hopefully raise the funds I need to finally make prints of my work available online, and, also hopefully get started on a whole new series-Inspired by fans/supporters of my work. 

I don't think the full series has made it to the blog yet, so here's a mini promo shot;

If you want to see the full view of any of these, just fall down the rabbit hole follow the link to my Kickstarter campaign, the gallery link is in the project description, several times.

I know that many of you have found your way here because of my miniature work, but I'd like to think that my illustration work can be just as intriguing. If you agree, once again, follow the link to learn more about this campaign. If you disagree, well it looks like I've got a few weeks to try and change your mind. :)

Want to help me spread the word? Feel free to post a link to my Kickstarter campaign on your site, blog, facebook page, Twitter, Tumbler, or where ever else you would like to promote it. (be nice though, please don't spam). As a thank you, let me know if you've tried to help out, a comment letting me know works, and I'll return the favor here on my blog. :) If successful, all official backers to this project are getting a special, "Thank You", post, so why not extend a similar courtesy to all the nice bloggers out there too?

This Campaign runs until May 4th and I will be regularly posting about it until then, but do not worry about my project for Undersized Urbanite-I'm still working on that too.