Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thank You Project Supporters!

From April 4th to May 4th this year I ran a small campaign to help raise the funding I needed to continue on with my illustration work. 

Named, The Curious Concepts Project, after the title of my first solo art show, which gave me the opportunity to really develop my current illustration style. The goals of the project can be summed up by this promo video I made back at the start of the campaign; 

Thankfully for me and my ongoing work, this project was funded. ^_^  The past few weeks have been filled with ordering prints/packing material, and collecting project backer info, but now that all that is just about finished, it's time to get to the interesting parts.

First though, a long promised online Thank You post, to all of the wonderful people who made a pledge and funded my project. Thank you, honestly wouldn't be able to do any of this without you. 

Below are the names of everyone who backed my project. I  also made the offer to promote 1 website of each backer's choosing along with their names. The takers on that offer are listed first, followed by everyone else, in alphabetical order.

Thank You Everyone


 Jennifer Smith  >>>> <<<<

JS Miniatures  
I make finest quality dolls house miniatures and specialise in using LEDs in dolls house and model projects.  I have developed the first ever battery powered lighting kit for smaller scale houses using tiny LEDs for superior brightness but that are almost invisible!  I also make modern furniture and lighting along with other more traditional products.  With exceptional customer service and many returning customers it's well worth having a look at my site.

 Brandi >>>> <<<<

WNYSkydiving is a full service skydiving training center conveniently located in Akron, NY, within easy driving distance of Buffalo, NY and Rochester, NY. WNYSkydiving is open year round, weather permitting. If the sky is clear, we can fly! Take Skydiving off your "Bucket List" and add it to your "Things To Do This Weekend List!" Call and book today! 716-597-7393

Patrick Garde >>>> <<<< 
PlainSEO  Plain SEO is an outsourcing SEO company based in the Philippines that offers effective search engine optimization services. Founded in 2012, the firm has provided SEO needs to various clients worldwide such as USA, Australia and Italy thanks to its founder, Patrick Garde, who has worked in the SEO field since 2009.

Andrea                                                   Brittany Zarbo                         Courtney Deuro

Darlene Morse                                      Devon McKernan                         Elizabeth

Ellen Lefort                                           Janine Benton                             Jenna Driver

Joshua Eliano                                          Mary Lynn                               Nathan Lefort

Neil Lefort                                           Samantha Clark
                       Sarah Popadowski

Tanya                                                 Vittoria Procopio                         Wendy Riggins


If you backed my project and would still like to promote your site, feel free to send me an email.
This post will not be deleted (by me anyway) as long as this blog exists, and throughout the creative part of this project, it will be linked to the, "Curious Concepts", banner in the sidebar so that people will continue to see it even after it falls off the first page.

Thanks again everyone. ^_^

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