Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Curious Concepts Project: A Bunny WIP

Hello Everyone! How are you? How's life? Anyone waiting for an update on The Curious Concepts Project? Good News! That's what I'm posting about today. ^_^
I'm behind on these blog updates (sorry about that), so I'm hoping this post will catch things up.

Before I forget to mention it, the results are in from Facebook. This illustration is now titled "To the Edge and Back";

Thank you to everyone who voted on the name. ^_^

And now what I've been working on lately, by request of my very good friend Elizabeth -"A Bunny"

I asked what kind of bunny should I be drawing, 
but "A Bunny", is the only input I was getting
which meant I could do whatever I wanted (yay!). 
So I drew this classy looking fellow.

I decided to go with red and green since I rarely use those colors together outside of Christmas. Red became more of a pink and purple, but oh well, I have very few rules to follow on this one.

The next few of these are the paintbrush tool and playing with filters to make a really cool background effect.
And some burn tool, shading the bunny.

 I really liked the colors at this point, 
but the bunny looked a lot like plastic 
and you can see the seams of all the layers I'm using.

So I went a lot darker with the shading,

and then I picked out a few shades of pink to paint in as fur.


Cleaned up the lines.

Messing with layer filters again.

Now it looks like it has a little fur, but it's not quite right yet.

Painted in another layer of fur to even out the colors/shading.

The background had gotten a little gray looking so I painted in more green.

Blurring and filter effects.

 More painting and shading. Here we are now. 
Not quite 100%, but it's pretty close to finished.

This new series is almost done now. All of the finished illustrations I posted earlier in the year have been color proofed/test printed. I have to brighten up one of them, and of course make sure the last couple illustrations are printing ok too. Then off to the printers they go.