Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Undersized Urbanite - The Eclectic Tile Floor- WIP

This was both a great idea and a terrible idea. Alright, so maybe not 'terrible', but I'm really cutting it too close to the deadline to start a project like this. And yet, I did.

You may recall my dilemma with the carpet for the kitchen/living-room. Well I decided to move the carpet up to the bedroom floor (it needed a carpet, why not that one?), and just extend the tile portion to cover that whole space. Which made it time to actually start on, the now 2x sized, tile floor. And of course, I had to make it one of the most intricate parts of the house.

Step 1, roll out and bake various colors of polymer clay ;

Step 2, Start cutting up the clay into tiles.

Step 3, Have fun with the translucent tiles by gluing cute pen doodles to the backs of the them.

And yes, that batch on the left does say, "KYLE", (twice). I'm putting my name on(in) this floor!
Step 4, Start gluing the tiles into place on a graph paper template, in an 'organized chaos' manner.
Step 5, Remember that the fireplace in this room has a black tile back-splash made out of corrugated paper that needs to kind of match, so add some of that in too.

Step 6, Decide not to be wasteful and start to gather up all of the clay scraps to make into more tiles after you run out of, 'the good pieces'.

Step 7, Make those tiles.

Step 8, After you run out of baked clay, Take a photo to show all of your blog readers how much you underestimated the size of this floor you're making.

White squares = I need to go bake some more clay. :)

The plan was to paint stuff this week, but I wasn't really in the mood for it and for some reason I like the mind-numbing task of mosaic work. So there you go.

 Will I get this house done on time? Stay Tuned!


  1. Fabulous idea and it worked!

  2. Good thing about clay and hone created tile is, you can always reproduce more ;)

    I think they turned out great, good luck with your deadline, you will be fine..

  3. if you run out of time you can use a heat gun on it (thats how I fixed my mistakes when on my food just dont get too close you can burn it or yourself or something close to it and burn the dog *which I did to poor Ladybugs tail.. she was mad at me for a long time* it's best just to move on when stuff like that happens.)

    anyway your floor looks great

    Marisa :)

  4. I love every tiny detail you have done, Very full filling…

    Alva@Carpet Tile

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