Sunday, April 21, 2013

Updates: Weather, Undersized Urbanite, Etc.

It's 2 am, but I feel like it's time for a new post, and I'll sleep better not putting off some things so it's list time again;

1. What is April doing? One day, it feels like summer, then it rains. Fine. Then it's summer again and sunny (^_^), BUT THEN-

Weather, please get your snow out of my sunny day.

Granted, it is really pretty, but I'm done with the cold, thank you.

2. Went to a baby shower, about 1 1/2 hours away, and on the way back was basically antiquing with my mother again, except it was more country stores/gift shops this time. Ended up with a few things, that will probably show up here someday, but my two picks would have to be,

Another witty sign, it's a Dr. Suess quote that you can't argue with.
(This is sign #2. That's it, no more room. Please remind me of that if I post a #3)


This ginormous pendant necklace! It's so heavy, it actually hurt my neck to wear it. It was on sale, probably because it's so distractingly big and heavy. Not planning to use it as jewelry. It just seemed like something interesting I could put some where in the Steampunk house. Or save for one of the other houses. It was too cool of a found object to pass up, ya know?
3. Undersized Urbanite Update-Last update was me just announcing that I was spending a few days putting together all the finished pieces. It was progressing, but then I got to sections that needed to be painted, or something else that had to be done before the next part could go in. And then I realized that the kitchen/living room didn't have much room for guessing when it came to cutting the wallpaper, and I needed to make doors and floors and back splashes. No I didn't get overwhelmed and end up behind, actually I made a ton of progress, but with most of the gluing happening on the exterior, the inside looks more disheveled than I though it would've at this point;

Double checking the layout here. 
The walls should all be in place next post.
Look, new doors!

Oh, and did I ever tell you the plan for the bedroom? No? Well that's because today was the first day I actually put any real thought into it. Don't worry, I had that mini-panic attack 3 weeks ago (ha-mini XD) but then I remembered that I made some twin beds as part of a temp scene for the Cubebot Challenge that I decided to save just in case, so half the furniture is already done (bunk beds coming soon).

As I said, I'm cutting out the wallpaper for the kitchen/living room and it's a tight fit. The scrapbook paper's 1/4 in. too short, and there's a faux-worn spot that I was planning to cut out of it, which makes it more like a full inch too short. I knew that from the beginning though, and I was also planning to make a backsplash for the fireplace, which would fix everything. So along with making the rest of the doors, that was today's mini project;

It's the same paper I've been using for the roof singles, cut into much smaller pieces.
A little paint, and we're good to go.

4. While I was working on the Steampunk house, my little brother was doing yard work for a neighbor, found some garden snakes, decided to move them out to the nearby woods where they wouldn't bother anyone, but first-

He brought them inside to show everyone...yay...
5. The Curious Concepts Project is 89% Funded! 
So, so close. Just $64 short but only 11 days left, so it's really coming down to the wire now.

I'm just going to link to my DA journal for this update (I just posted it);
And if you haven't found your way to the project on Kickstarter yet, I encourage you to follow this link and check it out;

Thank you!

6. ...Is there a 6? No? Ok, well I guess that's it for now. Looking forward to sleeping. Tomorrow's another work on the Steampunk house day, there have been a lot of those lately, and oh hey, it's 3 am now, and I'm just rambling, so bye. :)


  1. ok I could have done without the snakes! your project is coming along well I can't wait to see the beds and good luck with your graphics project it looks cool


    1. I could've done without the snakes too. Welcome to my life. :)

      And thank you.