Thursday, December 4, 2014

The 2014 Mini Gingerbread House Series

~*~ The 2014 Mini Gingerbread House Series. ~*~ , by Kyle Lefort

This year I wanted to make a little bit of everything. So we have one inch scale choo-choo trains, one inch/half inch scale (they should work in both scales) gingerbread houses, and quarter inch scale gingerbread houses. And as you may have noticed, the gingerbread houses this year are all A-Frames. Cute little A-frames, trying something new. Hope everyone likes them. ^_^

As is tradition, all the houses in this series are initialed and dated with the year on the bottom, except for the trains - There was nowhere for me to sign them. (No worries if you purchase one though - I do sign the receipts I send out, so you will have proof of the series)

Normally these are Etsy exclusives, but since my new eBay store is up, running, and doing well I decided to split the lot between the two online shops. 

As of typing this, roughly half of the series has been listed and I plan to add the rest as each piece is sold off.
You may also find a few leftovers from previous years, as well as other delightful items in my shops.

Something worth mentioning here: Normally I say if I run out of these before the holidays end, I'll make more - Not happening this year. I made so many pieces already, I just can't make one more gingerbread anything for 2014. So this is it, ~ Enjoy ~ ^_^

Oh and for the record, one house/train for every yearly series, so far (2012-2014);