Thursday, December 26, 2013

Should I Call It a Thank You Sale?

Thank You to all of my followers/customers this year (and all years previous).
You are a BIG part of why I can continue making small things. And Illustrations. And artwork in general.

As Thanks, from now until the New Year, everyone is welcome to take 10% off orders placed at my Etsy shop.

At checkout, just enter coupon code: SAVE10TODAY

Etsy Shop;


I am planning on having an after the holidays catch up mega-post up soon (loaded with neat pictures and everything), but I didn't want any of my blog readers to miss hearing my Thank You, or the coupon. So you're getting this post first.

Talk to you all soon,


Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Curious Concepts Project: "Neil" - Painted and Ready For Proofing

Yay! I finished another illustration. 

The last time you saw this one, I was debating what to do about the eye in the shadows.
I went with the eye patch;

Now he's a space pirate.

A little cropping, and some more shading.

Even more shading-Annnnddd...Done.

Another illustration ready for a test print, and 3 more illustrations to go.