Monday, April 8, 2013

Day Trip - And I Took Photos

Thanks to an unintentional coincidence in the timing, the end of The Curious Concepts Project Campaign and the deadline to complete entries for Undersized Urbanite are  both May 4th. So starting after this post, this blog is going to be nothing, but stuff related to those projects until May. I say, "after this post" because, well, did you read this post's title?

My mom, her friend, and I went antiquing on a Monday. Do not go antiquing on a Monday, most antique stores will not be open, but it was just meant to be a wandering around looking for cool stuff kind of day, so it actually went really well for us.

First photo worthy moment, driving through the Alabama swamps (Alabama, NY, btw). It's a great birdwatching spot this time of year (migration birds), and after pulling over to look at the third Great Blue Heron on our way, we pulled into an observation area.

We saw at least five herons, most of them were flying around and catching fish, this is the only one that stayed put long enough for me to grab my camera and get out of the car.

Poor attempt at a close up-you're welcome

Probably the most heron I've seen in an outing that didn't involve a kayak.

So then we went driving around the middle of nowhere, which led to the next photo-op;

Ah, alternative energy

First time I saw wind turbines, it was at night, during a snow storm, just creepy. Up against a blue sky backdrop though, kind of pretty.

That and several country stores, was my day. Ended up with some dime-sized mini Cardinal birds,

Probably too big to be 1:12 scale birds, but home decor pieces, that could work.

And in a world where who you are and what you do can always be defined by a clever sign or two, my mother gave me this;

That sounds about right.


  1. Aaaahhhhhhhh! It's beautiful! Gorgeous choice in materials and stunning reveal! I'd never leave! haha! Amazing job, as usual! ;)
    Glass Mosaic Tiles

    1. I honestly can't tell if this is spam or you're just confused about which post you commented on. So I'm just going to say, Thank you, and if it's not meant to be spam, feel free to keep commenting on my blog. :)


  2. Sounds like a wonderful day out ;)

    See when you live in the shticks in ny like me..uhh herons go in your back pond..and you loathe them :)

    can't wait to see all your final house pictures!

    1. It was, and the weather was super nice too.

      We do get them in our pond sometimes, but it dries up in the summer, so there are no fish to eat. My koi pond owning friends though, pretty much do all that they can to keep Herons away.

      Oh, I do hope I get that house finished on time. ><

  3. that's the way I live my life..I am creative not neat! Great haul, it sounds like you had a wonderful day (I can't do things like that with my Mother...after 20 min in the car one of us would have to be left on the side of the road and then I'd be arrested for Elder it's best that we dont do things like that!)

    Marisa :)