Monday, April 29, 2013


Thank You Everyone!

A new series of illustrations, online prints, postcards, and all of the other claimed backer rewards-coming soon!

The campaign is still on for a few more days-It's happening!-Don't miss out;

Pledge to have a say in what I will include in the new series & to get some neat stuff.

Pledges for Postcards have been added! Pledge $3 or more to get yours!
Vote for the design on FB NOW! ;
(voting is open to everyone)

>>>Dirt cheap Ad space, and help fund a creative project?<<< Just pledge $1 or more towards "The Curious Concepts Project" and I'll post a link to your website, blog, facebook page, Etsy Shop,  whatever, on my blog. And it will stay there as long as the blog does. Check out the campaign page on Kickstarter for the details;

A good chunk of my readers are waiting to see what happens with my entry to Undersized Urbanite, which I can now focus on 100% knowing that this next project will be funded. And because 1 or 2 followers of this blog decided to back this project,  again Thank You, I just had to post this one last funding update letting everyone know that we did it!


  1. Congrats Kyle! What a great concept and so glad you gained the support! x