Monday, June 24, 2013

My Prize From Fabulously Small!

So a few posts back, I mentioned that I somehow managed to win two different blog giveaways in one week (such a lucky week-anyone know how I can do that again?).

I did receive both prizes at the end of last week (Thank you), but the one from the Shopping Sherpa still needs to photographed. So, each prize is going to get it's own post. (seems fair)

About 5 minutes after hitting "publish" on my last post, I was working on something in the kitchen when my little brother going through the mail asks, "Who's sending you stuff from the Netherlands?", to which I jumped up and replied, "Yay, my prize from Monique"! I got a weird look from him, but he stuck around to see what I got. (I put up with his bug hobby, he puts up with my dollhouse hobby, and sometimes the two hobbies lock arms and skip down the street together...metaphorically speaking).

All the way from the Netherlands came a lovely prize from Fabulously Small;

No specific locations given, but Google maps says that my lovely state of New York is roughly 3,000 miles away from the Netherlands, and unfortunately somewhere along that long way the package took a beating. Luckily though, most of the damage was just things falling out of their wrappings(if a package is damaged, but everything inside is relatively OK, it means the package did it's job, btw). The smallest white candle has a little dent and the lotion top popped off, but I'm so used to working in miniature, these are easy fixes.
Thank you Monique, I love these. Whenever I put in for a blog giveaway, I make sure it's something that I can find a use for (don't want to waste other peoples' hard work/talent), and these will be perfect in my rehabbed Van Buren, just as soon as I finish rehabbing it. XD


  1. those are some great prizes! congrats on your win. :)

  2. congrats to you those are lovely prizes!

    Marisa :)

  3. Congrats on your winnings! I like it what you say about entering a giveaway only when you are in use of the winnings, I do that too. =)