Monday, June 10, 2013

Un-Painted Paper Pottery - Yay!

Hey look 2 posts in less than 24 hours...I just wanted to show you guys something before I end up forgetting until I've finished them.

Roughly a year and a half ago, I made an assortment of colorful paper bowls for a craft show (I recently posted them in the greenleaf forum and got a few requests for a tutorial-I'll get to it, I promise). And since then I've been playing with paper.

If you remember the basement of the Steampunk house, the miniature pottery inside;

They're paper, glue, gesso, paint, and Polyeurethane. Shocking, I know, because they look like pottery thrown on a wheel. Bowls are fairly quick work, but I wasn't able to make many potter pieces, so the handful that I have made so far stayed in my own collection.

I had started on a new batch with the intention of making them available to collectors, but they disappeared in one of my pre-holiday clean ups last fall/winter. In an effort to restock my Etsy shop with unique items, I switched back to bowls and after building up a decent inventory, I moved onto other things. Well, between a renewed interest in the paper bowls/pottery from my online visitors and tutorial requests, I've been feeling like this is something I should revisit. 

I've been going through what's left of the original bowls and started posting some in the Etsy shop, and have been planning out how to handle the tutorial. And just a few minutes ago while going through a box of jewelry findings, I finally found them;

The missing, unfinished paper pottery!

There are more than I remember making and they're farther along than I remembered too (already gesso-ed and sanded). Most of them just need to be painted. Yay!

It's a sign, don't you think? 
Granted, it's a weird sign, but I take them where I can get them. 

Looks like you'll be seeing more paper pottery around here. ^_^


  1. they look incredible! add another person to your list of people desperate for a tutorial!

    1. Thank you.

      Yeah, I really need to get going on the tutorial. ><

  2. They do look incredibly realistic. Love 'em