Monday, June 17, 2013

Trying Out Coupons On Etsy

I've had sales on Etsy before, but coupons would make the process a lot easier for everyone.

And really, Who doesn't love coupons?

So I'm trying one out right now, just to get a feel for it. ( My Etsy Shop )

$2 off any minimum $30 purchase, this time around. So it's not so much a sale as it is an incentive, but magically getting $2 off, just for trying out a coupon in my shop-not a bad deal.

Etsy mini is right there in my sidebar, but since I haven't really blogged about what's up for sale in a while (a long while), please enjoy these pretty pictures. (and click on the images to see their listings on Etsy).

The coupon code: SAVESOMEMONEY Use it at checkout. It expires on June 28th, but if all goes well you will be seeing more special offers in my shop in he near future. ^_^





  1. Hello Kyle,
    Good luck with the sale. You have some wonderful artwork listed.
    Big hug,