Saturday, November 3, 2012

So...hurricane Sandy...yeah...

I was conveniently out of town when Irene blew through, but I was told it didn't do anything to this side of the state. I also missed the whole, watching a massive storm system crawl across the weather channel's radar screen toward your town, thing(scary stuff). I was here for Sandy though.

Fortunately, we got a ton of wind and rain, but that's it. The power didn't go out and there were no downed trees in the yard. Of course it took until almost 5 a.m. to realize that. Did I mention that I ended up watching the live coverage until 5 a.m.? In light of what hurricanes do to the north east...Can we stop getting them, please? I mean what we got here was just a wet blizzard, but it was so much worse everywhere else. Look, I'm ranting, see it's scary stuff. And there's still a winter to get through...


Why am I posting? Right, the Van Buren. Quick story; If the power ever goes out, the sump pump fails, and then the basement starts flooding. By, "flooding", I mean everything on the floor gets wrecked and the water has to be manually removed from the basement-with buckets and such. So, when a bad storm was coming we prepared for the worst, which meant moving everything away from the sump pump for quick access and to help keep the whole flooding issue in check. Great idea. My problem?

The Van Buren lives in that room.

It's a good thing I fixed it's foundation because it's holding a couple pounds worth of random basement stuff right now.

So I haven't been working on the house and I haven't been able to try removing the stuck floor tiles yet.

Instead I've been working on a gift for a family member, and more things for the Etsy shop.

I feel like I keep starting things that the world just won't let me finish(so then I start something else). Hopefully, I can get it together this week and complete something-anything.


  1. Hi Kyle! I'm living in Western Mass. so like you, I prepared for another (possible) Irene and am SO Thankful that we were spared this time around!
    And like you I keep starting new projects... before I finish the previous project... I haven't got that one figured out yet...! LOL! I can't seem to stop myself when the new project energy is going so strong...! My mini Tree House is my fifth house... or maybe I can count it as part of the fourth one as it was supposed to be the landscaping for that house....! But it's all supposed to be for fun... so enjoy it while it's a pleasure is my motto! I look forward to seeing your new project....!

    1. I was out of town the whole week when Irene happened, so I wasn't really aware of how bad the wind and rain were going to be. I'm about an 8-9 hour drive from the coast, so it wasn't clear if/how Sandy was was going to affect us. I was expecting a power outage(obviously) and trees/power lines everywhere but I think that all stopped in Pennsylvania.
      Good to hear she missed you too. :)

      I'm glad I'm not the only who keeps starting new things.
      I wouldn't complain, but I keep having to put things on hold when I still want to work on them. I'm used to self-imposed deadlines, so this is starting to look like a bad cycle that I just want to get out of. Hopefully I'll have some new stuff soon, I'm determined to finish something today. XD

  2. Dear Kyle,

    Thank God you have survived the chaos results of huricane Sandy. I hope you'll be storm free now.

    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you Drora, I'm lucky to live in an area where we got spooked more than anything. It's a mess on the other side of New York right now.
      The North East usually gets blizzards while the South gets hurricanes, but mother nature's been switching it up the past couple years. It's kind of weird.