Friday, March 1, 2013

Wonderful Stuff - Polymer clay, Part 2

Welcome to - Polymer Clay, Part 2

After digging through all of my past files and posts online, I present to you examples of my past work, featuring polymer clay;

You can sculpt figures with it.  Just 15min. in an oven for each piece to cure.
Berries and globs of sherbet for mini Halloween punch. Plus a serving spoon so the 'host' can dish it out.

Indoor mosaic work. 

Dinner Rolls, Candles(fake ones), & tiny gingerbread houses.

Super tiny chocolates.

mini clay bowls by ~Listener-Liserian on deviantART
mini box by ~Listener-Liserian on deviantART
 (If you're wondering about the weird screen-name, It's an old account)

Bowls and boxes, if you're super patient about sculpting...Like I was that week...

Strawberry Charm Pendants by ~Kyle-Lefort on deviantART



Black and Blue Clay Cabochon by ~Kyle-Lefort on deviantART
Tree Silhoutte Cabochon by ~Kyle-Lefort on deviantART
(Sold, but the others are still available).

The Steampunk Gear by ~Kyle-Lefort on deviantART

Handmade cabochons, and many other jewelry pieces.


Of course, there are plenty of other things you can do with polymer clay. I'm just one person with a knack for working small. Hopefully, my work has inspired you (just a little?...maybe?), and now you know a little more about what I use to make it.


Looking for more Tutorials and other useful info?

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  1. thanks for showing us some of your work :) somedays I can make something with clay and others its like my fingers are broken lol. nice job :)

    1. I have that issue too, that and some days I just can't sit still long enough to finish anything. It's a great medium though. I used to use natural clay, but it tends to crumble when you work this small, so I switched.

  2. ahhh another clay fiend and a NY'er to boot ;) greetings my friend ;P

    1. Yeah, but after seeing your post about all of those Easter eggs you made, wow you have patience.

      Good to meet you too. :)

  3. Love your clay creations! Especially the Christmas houses!! :D