Saturday, March 9, 2013

Time Waits For No One

It's been over a week since my last post, and when I promised to get back on track with blogging. I followed through with the already planned posts, but clearly I'm preoccupied with something. Well it's a few things.

Firstly, which I have to keep getting reminded of for some reason this year, my birthday is on Tuesday. It's weird though, because I tend to feel down about it. I like birthdays, but it's something about the time of year I guess. Crazy weather, not really winter, not quite spring yet. My brain can't figure out what to do, and due to my family's schedule this week, celebrating keeps getting moved to different days (kind of hard to get excited about sketchy plans). I kept being told Monady until this morning, my birthday dinner is now tomorrow. Oh, but when I was asked what I wanted for my birthday, I said pudding. Gift/dinner doesn't matter, I would just like pudding. I'm pretty low maintenance like that. Supposedly, I'm getting a batch of chocolate and vanilla-awesome. My plan is to sit in the kitchen for the next day or two until this birthday thing happens, I'm sure that my family will figure it out.

I've also been a bit light on work lately which means I have to spend more time talking to potential clients, until I find someone with design needs that match my talents. March must be my slow season because this happened last year too. Anyway, to combat this annual funk I dove into what I hope will be a successful attempt at getting my illustration work going again. More on that once the project launches, hopefully sometime this week (thought I'd have it up two weeks ago, but learning experiences always taken longer than you think they will).

My Steampunk house for Undersized Urbanite is also understandably falling behind on the to-do list. I did get a chance to work on it a little, but there's nothing finished enough to show off. In terms of what the new thing I'm trying to start is going to do to this challenge: I'm trying to plan it out so that any major new projects won't start until this ones is finished. Fingers crossed that I'm timing everything right.

And actually I wasn't even going to post this weekend, I've been cutting back on everything lately, but I received a package in the mail today!

It was from Neen. I was one of the first 5 to try and help identify her mystery house, so as thanks for the help(if anyone can ID that house, please let her know), she decided to send me a blue elephant and a white CB2 igloo chair, AND two wooden books AND some bottles, which I didn't know about until I opened the box. So thanks for the gifts and the surprise Neen, I know that you didn't know about my birthday, but your timing was non the less impeccable.

I made a quick set up with Billy and some of it's furniture. That elephant goes really well with the colors in this house and my still unfinished doll seems to like that chair. I actually tried to buy one from CB2 months ago, but my order got screwed up, and it never panned out, until now (thanks again Neen). Must be why he likes it so much.

I really need to do something with his house, it's still Christmas in there. Luckily, I could just slide it all to the corner and cover it up with a room divider (Did I ever post about that project...nope, guess that gets added to my list). I let the penguin join in though, because penguins are just delightful birds. He might be moving in now. If a stuffed elephant is the decor why not keep a penguin around too. Billy's not supposed to be a normal looking house anyway.

Ok, now that I've gotten completely side tracked by a dollhouse(it's just so much fun sometimes), time to go back to working on the thing I can't really talk about until it launches. Adios and her's hoping that I'm a little more prepared for blogging next time.


  1. Happy Birthday, Kyle! I hope the pudding is Great! I understand about Tuesdays... nobody wants to kick back on a Tuesday... might cause the whole week to fall apart!!! And Museums aren't even open on Tuesdays... well, smaller ones! And I'm not sure postponing Birthday celebrations really works... THE Day is THE Day, after all!!! But we take what we can get sometimes! Mine was Thursday a couple Thursdays ago... no celebration except in my own head!
    So Have a Happy Birthday!!!
    PS I LOVE the Elephant!

    1. Thank you, the pudding was great! It's not the worst birthday situation I've ever had, not by a long shot.

      And you're right about the day being THE DAY. Sunday ended up being the party, so Tuesday was just a weird Tuesday.

  2. Happy B day! It is supposed to be around 50 for the next few days, feels like spring ;)

    The bright colors will look great in the house;)

    1. It does feel like Spring, but I've learned not to trust the weather for at least another two weeks or so.

      And thank you. :)

  3. Happy B-Day Kyle, It looks like Billy is ready to celebrate!

    1. There are an awful lot of bottles, aren't there?

      I wonder how that's going to turn out. XD