Monday, February 25, 2013

Undersized Urbanite-The "Unfinished" Basement

First I'd like to catch you up on what's been going on since my last post;

I was briefly recruited to help finish a life sized redecorating project. It was planned for Wed. afternoon, but then it was moved to Thurs, the day I planned to write up, "Polymer clay, Part 2" (part 1 is here), and then still had to be finished on Sat. To make things more fun, my task was holding a decorative border up above my head until it was properly pasted to a wall, and then moving around furniture just enough to aggravate and old sports injury in my shoulder (I will never forget swim team). Add that to the awful coughing that started somewhere during that time-frame and you have all of my excuses as to why 'Part 2' has yet to exist. Aside from the cough, all is back to normal , so I'm hoping to get back on track this week.


Also falling behind on the Undersized Urbanite project, I spent most of Sunday working on that. Determined to make up for my busted blogging schedule by having something finished to show you, I focused the basement. I still needed to add the mortar to a side wall, which I did, and then I made the floor;

Left over egg carton scraps glued to a floor template to looks like packed stone. After this I painted it to fill in all of the white showing through the gaps (note self-paint template first next time).

Then I made the ceiling;

Basically the same thing, except that it's strips of balsa wood and Popsicle sticks this time.Gave it a few brown wash coats to make it look like aged wood after all of the glue dried.

Lined the room with doubled sided tape;

And finally slid all of the pieces into place;

It needs more tape and some touch ups, but I think I can cross this room off of my list.

The original plan involved a washer/dryer, but that was before I decided to go with the Steampunk theme. So the new plan is either storage, or, as my clever little brother (who will not openly admit to liking the dollhouse) suggested,  I can set up the room to look like the tiny residents are in the middle of trying to remodel their unfinished basement. That decision is going to come down to how much time I have after I put the rest of the house together. For the record, with basement in place, it currently looks like this;

The exterior pieces are almost done, started on the roof(but not the chimneys yet), and the main floor should be read to go soon. The plan for the second floor is a bedroom, while the the top floor gets to be a library/observatory-because that just seems like something my tiny fictitious Steampunks would have in their house.

It's far from done, but I like how it seems to be turning out.


  1. the stone walls look great cant wait to see the rest!

  2. I love all your different finishes - so realistic and really make it a room you want to look at and imagine what might be happening. I cant wait to see how the topfloor library/observatory turns out.
    Best wishes

  3. That Basement looks Great!!! Just a touch spooky... Old and Dirty... A fixing up project would be fun.... But definitely don't cover up all that great stonework!!!

    1. Wouldn't dream of it. Spent way to much time on the stone to mess it up now. XD

  4. your basement looks fantastic, just think how much fun you can have putting things in their 'just' because - example you can go nuts on all the steampunkery 'cliches' without having them to be part of a functional scenario.

    piles and piles and gears and sprockets and itty bitty widgets FTW
    (ok maybe I went just a tad overboard there but I love them!)

    1. Yeah, part of me wishes that there was more time, but then it would never get finished-so many possibilities.

  5. It looks awesome! I can see a little workshop down here...maybe a crazy steampunk furnace. :D