Friday, September 7, 2012

What I've Been Up to this Summer---Graphic Design

This year (2012) was the 75th Anniversary of 4-H in Niagara County(New York). A committee formed to plan out the fair celebration events, and during a fair event last year (2011), they made an announcement that they could use some help. I happened to be sitting in the stands at the time.

Long before setting out to be a graphic designer, I was a 4-H member (since I was 6 years old) in Niagara County.

Turns out, they needed someone to design an event logo, and illustrate a book cover.


(Just a legal note; The official 4-H clover emblem was used with permission. I am not personally selling anything containing the emblem. Any sales of items containing my design work that used the emblem , to the best of my knowledge, was for fundraising purposes and all profits went towards sponsoring future Niagara County 4-H programs. I am displaying my work online for portfolio purposes only.)

I was expecting it to be a 1-2 month project, but it ended up taking most of the year as I was also involved with a few other aspects of the event.

Somewhere in the middle of that I was doing some design work for my brother's secondhand/restored furniture store when he and a new business partner decided to change the direction of what the store sold, drastically. Actually, they started a new business. This time its gaming. I designed a logo for them;

And now I've finally gotten up and running, well almost. Most of my professional work is up and most of the html/CSS coding is done, but it still needs some finishing touches. And of course, my mini work still needs to find it's way onto the site. >< I'm working on it.

For anyone interested in seeing more of my professional design work here's the link, and now we move on...

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