Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wallpaper Woes

Before I go too far into fixing the exterior of the Van Buren, I decided that I better get to work on removing all the old interior stuff.

Aside from the double layers of wall paper in a few rooms, this should be quick work, right? Well...

See this bathroom?

See how it looks like it's been painted?
All I need to do here is pry the toilet and towel rack off the wall, sand a little, and then repaint later.


...Turns out a previous owner originally used wallpaper, and then when someone redecorated, they just painted over the wallpaper. Found that out after the towel rack tore through some of it.

So that's 5  rooms I have to tear paper out of

And it looks like I'm dealing with a few different types of glue. One is spray mount, which makes removing the wood floors surprisingly easy. Except for this floor;

Different glue. hmm...

This might take a while.


  1. Try Yes paste. You can get it at Micheal's.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I was wondering how I was going to redo the wallpaper. The last house I did was new and I just painted the whole thing, but I would have to do a ton of sanding and priming in this house for that. Wallpaper(scrapbook) is probably the way to go on this project.

      Any chance you know how to deal with wood glue? I've got a busted floor that needs to come out and I think that's the glue the previous owner used.