Monday, March 24, 2014

Undersized Urbanite 2014 - Maybe I Will Finish On Time?

Ok, I'm behind. I'll admit it. I can't even say that Undersized Urbanite is what I'm working on in my free time, because ever since things got messed up with my Curious Concepts Project that is what I'm working on in my free time. Undersized Urbanite has been moved to moments when I honestly can't work on anything else, or at least not anything on my laptop. For the record, so far I was able to work on this project on Christmas, the opening/closing ceremonies of the Olympics, and maybe one more day while my computer was running some updates. And I don't know how the thought process started, but for some reason 90% of this house is now being made out of upcycled cereal boxes-nothing wrong with that, but that is an odd medium choice, Don't you think?

Well here are the photos I took to show my progress. (Sorry about the quality, but they're WIP shots, the pretty pictures aren't taken until I'm finished);

Instead of painting the whole thing, 
this house is going to have textured scrap booking paper for siding.

 I used the template that I drew up earlier 
to make the front door/window shutters out of cereal box cardboard.
 Sketched out the separate planks of wood, cut them apart, 
scored the cardboard to give it a faux-wood grain texture, 
did a wash with brown acylic paint, 
and then glued all the pieces back together.
(and then repeat for all of the shutters)

A better/closeup of the wood grain texture I was talking about.

One of the newly "stained" window shutters.

Olympic opening ceremonies, I was painting cereal boxes. XD

Mock-up with the new door/round window shutters, 
and the scrapbook paper siding. 
Is it starting to look like a big birdhouse to you?

And then several weeks later I decided that I'd better start working on the interior, starting with the floors;
There's the floor template + 3 soon to be woven mat floors, 
made out of-you guessed it!- more cereal boxes. XD

Marked for cutting, and I scored the floors 
just like I did with everything else so far.

Pieces to weave into the floor.

Ready to go.

Weaving. (I think this was a box of Honey-Nut Cheerios)

This is what the floors should look like when I'm done.

And that's pretty much where I am with this project. I did finish one of the floors, but I didn't take photos of it yet. Neen mentioned that we had 40 days to finish these, and that was a few weeks ago,...Guess it's a good thing that I picked a primitive style theme this year. Will I finish in time?!!! (Let's hope so)


  1. I'm sure you will finish on time Kyle and I look forward to the finished result. The floors are fab. I love paper weaving.

  2. I know how you feel, I saw that 40 days post too now that panic has begun to set in but Im not worried..yet

  3. Your wood texture looks really cool. I've been purposely avoiding a count-down as I have about 6 months of work left. :)

    It seems every one of us is extra busy this year.

  4. Love the way the floors will look.

    I'm way behind too - the major warping of the kit I'm using is discouraging me. I need to get back to my project ASAP.