Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Undersized Urbanite 2014 - Planning

Still working on The Curious Concepts Project, but over the holidays I had a couple hours where I didn't have anything to do, and couldn't use my laptop. So as promised in my last update, I scrubbed down my somewhat grimy little house with dish soap.

And then after it dried I started planning out the exterior.

graph paper!

The house/store/cafe (I really need to pick soon) is bird house themed, so I want to keep all the doors and windows rounded with either nest material or perches mixed in, but it should still look like a dollhouse when it's done.

Figured out where the door is going-Progress!
A fun fact about this house: Some of the pieces are permanently glued together, while others are just held together with screws. At first I didn't like the screws, one more thing to cover up,...But then I realized that the annoying front section on the top floor, that was going to be a big pain to design/decorate around, comes off.

Wow, look at all that space. 
And you can see the bird house opening from the inside now.

The roof pieces come off too. 
This room will be so easy to decorate.

Not a ton of progress overall, but I've figured out enough to think about what I'm going to do, once I have time to do it all. That's something. :)


  1. Hello Kyle,
    It is great that you now have a plan. I look forward to seeing more.
    Big hug,

  2. Well, Kyle you can now say you have officially started your Undersized Urbanite project. I love anything to do with birds so I am going to enjoy watching your progress. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I am going to have to withdraw from the UU but I will still be working on my Timeless Toys project, just not to a deadline.

  3. Looking good! I love the look of your door and window plans.