Friday, January 10, 2014

The Curious Concepts Project: WIP "Devon" and ..."Colors"

I was working on these two over the holidays, and now it's time to post my progress so far.

As you may remember, Devon's request was a picture of Neil.
So, of course, Neil's request: Devon.

Once again, I was told to grab a photo off of Facebook.
Not sure who took the original, so I'll start by posting it after I already started painting in Photoshop.

It's going to look goofy before it looks awesome. 
Always remember that when using Photoshop.

Flat Colors! 
Not sure about the orange background, but it works for now.

Starting to shade with the burn tool.

More shading, and painting in details.
It's getting there.

I also started an illustration using Vittoria's color choices:  
Navy Blue, Purple, and "Silver".
 Silver is in quotations because it's going to be more of a gray. Although printed on metallic photo paper, it might look silver-kinda hoping that works out because Vitt did request silver...

My plan for this one was to just start drawing and see what happened.

I ended up with a ship sailing into infinity.

As you can see, no actual coloring done on that one-yet. I think it's off to a good start though.


  1. Hello Kyle,
    Great work! You make me want to get acquainted with Photoshop. the boat project looks awesome.
    Big hug,

    1. Thanks Giac. It can take some time to learn, but Photoshop is a wonderful program, you can do so many creative things with it. I even use it for some of my miniature work.

      And I'm looking forward to painting in that boat sketch, hopefully I'll get time to work on it this week.