Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Have You Voted Yet?

Voting is now closed. Thank you everyone that participated.


If you're looking for my Steampunk House entry,  CLICK HERE!!!!


We're half-way through the voting period for the Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Contest, which means most of the people that were waiting until later to choose their favorites, are right on track for forgetting to vote altogether. ^_^

Click here to vote! It all ends May 12.

Now I will admit that I haven't used all 3 votes yet myself, but I have 2 perfectly good excuses;

1. After spending months following the progress of many of the other entrants, I'm pretty emotionally attached to these projects and have to really think about who's getting my vote and why.

2. Something about the last week or so of non-stop mini making and sleep deprivation to meet the deadline, resulted in me not being in the best mood for looking at all of the other entries right away. I realized that halfway through the second super long entry post that  tried reading.

So, I took a break and just worked on uploading my project to my DA gallery and FB albums, because I know there are people on those sites that read my blog,...but only if I post the pretty pictures there first (hi guys!) Some people just don't like reading about WIP, I can understand that.

Now that I've gotten a couple nights worth of sleeping like a normal person, I'm all set to look at the final entries and use up my votes.

And so should you!

If you've been avoiding it because you think it's going to be a hassle, don't be silly.
> In my country, if I want to vote in an election, I have to drive to a fire hall, wait in a line, talk to several people who seem surprised that I even showed up (did you know that young U.S. voters statistically don't vote?), show my I.D., sign something to prove that I am who my I.D. says I am, get a frightening looking scan-tron (which gives me SATs flashbacks btw), fill that out-in pen behind this metal wall thing that barely has enough table space for writing, put my ballot into what I can only describe as a patriotic "CoinStar" machine, and then stand there awkwardly until the machine says I voted, so I can drive back home. (There used to be this cool booth thing with a lever that made you feel like you had real power as a voter-Yeah, they got rid of that).

^^^ You do not have to do any of that to vote in this contest! Just go to the voting page, find the entries you want to win, and click "Vote". < That's it! (Do it) ^_^


  1. I know it! I'm emotionally attached to all of them. It suddenly feels like you're all my kids or something and I'm cheering for every single one. :) Such a funny and unexpected thing.

  2. I had a hard time, too, Kyle. My last two votes, I really wanted to Chritmas tree it... or eeny meenie miney moe.

    1. HA, well with this glitch thing, maybe I won't have to decide. >< Always look on the bright side, right?