Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Miniature Halloween Challenge ~ Collected Scenes 2013

Hey Everybody! Happy Halloween!

A couple weeks ago I posted the Miniature Halloween Challenge, and now it's time to show off everyone's wonderful scenes.

So without further delay,
Here are some of the Awesome Halloween Mini Scenes of 2013!
(posted in the order I received them, If I've missed anyone let me know)

Marisa's scene;

Lenore's scene;

Emily's scene;

Lisa's scene; 

My scene;

Jane's scene;

Thank you to everyone who participated, and Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to enjoy this collection of tiny Halloween scenes. 

I do encourage all of my readers to follow the links under each photo and visit the blogs of these talented people. If there are any scenes that you really like, I'm sure that the original creators would love to hear it.

Hope everyone has fun this year, eat lots of candy, carve a pumpkin, and run around in a costume-party or not. Happy Halloween!


  1. Wonderful pictures everyone! Thanks for hosting this Kyle!

  2. Thank you, Kyle for hosting this challenge. It was so much fun. Great job ladies!

  3. Happy Halloween everyone :) and thank you Kyle for this great Challenge


  4. Yes, thanks for hosting such a great challenge! It was a lot of fun. Fun to do and fun to see everyone's awesome entries! =:0)

  5. These are all wonderful! What a fun party!

    I completely missed the deadline, but I did finally get my scene together! Happy Halloween!!!!

  6. Great ideas here. I really enjoyed checking these out. Thankyou