Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Prizes From Jazzi!

Roughly a year ago, Jazzi sent Mini Jazzi on a trip around the world. Being a doll, you'd think decent travel accommodations would be tricky to come by, but thanks to a string of miniature/dollhouse-blogging hosts, Mini Jazzi seems to be having a wonderful adventure (She get's stuck in the mail sometimes, but other than it sounds like it's going well).

While I'm not one of the hosts, (I'm sure Mini Jazzi is seeing plenty of the U.S. for one trip), I have been following along. Some time ago Jazzi had a little contest to see who could guess which blogger would be hosting Mini Jazzi next, and by guessing that she'd be visiting Molly in Virginia next (who promptly whisked Mini Jazzi off to Africa, I think), I was one of the winners. ^_^

A few weeks later I received a package in the mail from Jazzi;

Jazzi, I was not expecting all of this, Thank you so much!

I don't know what it is with the mail lately, but I've had 3 packages clear customs in the past month and only 1 made it to my house without being, guess is that someone felt the need to beat my mail with a large mallet. U.S. customs sure has a weird screening process...Luckily, as you can see everything inside the package was fine. A+ for packing Jazzi.

Whenever I get miniatures in the mail I try to set up a quick scene, especially when it takes so long to blog about them. I didn't get everything into this one (there's so much to choose from), but so far I'd say everyone seems to like their new widescreen TV, Australia pillows (I should show them Australia on the map sometime), and teddy bear-Actually I think the Octopus is stealing that one.

It appears that a bunny has moved in now too.

Didn't have a TV stand of any kind, but the weird vintage dresser from upstairs fits in really well (and I never liked it upstairs anyway). The doll that lives here is out with a foot injury (his foot fell off-needs more glue), but he'd better get back soon, it's starting to look like a zoo in his house and he's missing all the cool stuff.

Thank you for the prizes Jazzi, I love them, and I look forward to seeing more on Mini Jazzi's travels.


  1. Aw thanks so much for doing a scene...the cushions look right at home in the decor! xx

    1. Yeah, they're perfect for this house, Thank you Jazzi!

  2. Hi Kyle,
    What wonderful presents. they all look great in the room. I love the pillow.
    Big hug,