Thursday, July 25, 2013

Etsy Shop Closing For The Weekend

 This weekend I have a booth at a local Summer Market. It's being run by "The Warehouse", in Lockport, NY. I wasn't planning on having a space, but I got talked into it. And then of course last weekend screwed up my plans a little, so nothing ended up being official until the other day when I finally had the chance to drive down there and fill out the forms.

It's a decent sized space and a lot of my work is really small, so most (if not all)  of my Etsy Shop inventory is coming with me. The only way I can do that is to close the shop for the weekend.

Once my shop closes for the weekend I can't promise that everything will be back in stock when it reopens after the market. I might sell a lot, I might sell nothing. First outdoor show, no idea what's going to happen.

If by chance though, you're reading this and are trying to purchase something, but can't before Friday night because you're stuck waiting for a Paypal transfer or something-feel free to contact me, NOW. I'm fine holding things for people, and followers kind of get first dibs on whatever I post online.

Wish me luck, I'll let you know how this goes later. ^_^
(The weather report looks iffy, but nothing like last week-that's promising)


  1. good luck this weekend. hope the weather forecast improves for the market.

  2. Hello Kyle,
    I am sure the show will be a big success. Your work is beautiful and unique. Let us know how it went. Have fun,
    Big hug,