Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's Fall!

Last post was so long, I'm going to take a break from the dollhouse updates and try to make this one much shorter, ok? Right, so...

1. It's October, and we have gourds and pumpkins-Welcome to the delightful season of Fall. :)

Some produce from the family pumpkin patch. Last year was so damp and cold, N.Y. ended up with tons of green pumpkins that sort of just rotted on the vine. It's nice to see so many ripe ones this year!

2. Bridget of Tweety Petie Products, posted about a tutorial that she made for making mini realistic fall leaves. I wanted to try making my own, but at the time, all the leaves here were still green. Now that they've started changing colors, here's what I got to make yesterday;

Made some changes to Bridget's process. Instead of Gallery Glass with a toothpick, I tried Polycrylic with a Q-tip. One problem I had: The yellow leaves I used shriveled up so much that they just looked like crumpled paper after they dried. Solution: I stretched them out and added a second coat of Polycrylic, so now they just look like crinkled leaves.

Since I don't know how these hold up long term and shipping plant related things gets tricky, I think I'll keep using paper leaves for my sale items (online at least), but I really like how these turned out. They're going into my new fall/Halloween scene. ~ Thanks for the tutorial Bridget!

3. DEVIANTART MEMBERS! Did you hear about the Fall Diorama contest? Click here for the link!
I'm against graphic design contests, for professional reasons that make me sound really angry when I type it all out, but sometimes there's an artsy fun one on DA that I'll enter. If you do decide to enter this contest-READ THE RULES FIRST! The winner has to send their entry to DeviantArt HQ, and you won't get it back! So don't use any costly minis you don't intend to send away forever.

I'll get back to posting about the Van Buren and my Etsy shop soon(btw, those shipping costs I was worried about being too high-turns out I charge less than some chain stores!). Unitl then, Happy Fall!

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