Sunday, May 20, 2012

From Ommetaphobia to Etsy

I am really good at this blog thing.
Yes, that's sarcasm.
How long has it been?
5 months?
Yep 5 months.

Will I fill you in on what's been going on?
Some of it, yes.

I watched a lot of TV this winter. So much so that I got bored with the three channels I usually focus on and decided to figure out how the digital box thing actually worked. Ended up watching, "Face Off" on Syfy. Kind of a neat show. Even if you're not into movie monsters you get to watch people being competitively creative, and learn a little bit about their thought/creative processes along the way. Out of what I ended up viewing the, "Night Terrors", episode was my favorite. Here's a recap from Fearnet, in case you have no idea what I'm talking about; Recap

The phobia I stuck to was, "Ommetaphobia-Fear of Eyes", because my personal work tends to be...'eye-centric', and I was a little disappointed with the end result on the show. Not to say that the Egyptian goddess thing was a bad creation, it does look cool, but the creator (Tara, I think) didn't seem to put enough focus on the subject-eyes. So I thought about it, and while I don't have the skill set/experience to even begin to compare myself to the people on Face-Off, I am a designer and I decided to come up with my own concept piece for, "Ommetaphobia".

Cute, isn't it?
...Yeah, it gives me the creeps too.

And with that, I move on...

After much delay, The Etsy store is open! YAY! *dances*

I'm still thinking over a few things. Speaking of which, if you were hoping to purchase a print, feel free to shoot me an email, but otherwise they're no longer available online. Might post some listings on Etsy for them later, but for now I'm just selling them at craft shows.

So what AM I posting on Etsy right now?
Minis and jewelry-check it out;

Visit my Etsy Shop

More to talk about later, I'm not terribly awake right now.
Must remember to keep up with the blog.
Must remember to keep up with the blog.


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