Monday, December 26, 2011

Random Life Update-December '11

I'm in more of a, "It's time to do stuff", mood instead of a blogging mood.

Not surprised here, I'd rather draw a picture than write a story, BUT this is a blog so blog I shall.
Or at least fill you in a little on what's happened since last post;

1. Check out Emily Hendersen's, "I'm a Giant Challenge",
I don't typically follow the stars of HGTV, but I do love dollhouses & design. Plus reading blogs about someone's dollhouse building meltdown w/ pretty dollhouse photos included-always entertaining. And there are tons of blogged entries to read through, which took me a few hours. Would have loved to join, but didn't tumble upon it until way to close to the deadline (which they added another month to, but still-no time to do it here)

2. Somewhat related to the above, I made this:

Mini gingerbread house

and also, this:

Mini gingerbread prep board

for a contest on Deviantart.

I've been getting so much awesome feedback on my minis, I'm seriously looking into turning my tiny craft into more than just a hobby.

3. My brother bought this:

Big big spider

I've gotten used to these occurrences, but this is the biggest spider he's ever brought into the house-to date at least. And it's not even full grown.

4. The trailer for, "The Dark Knight Rises", came out ( ) and my favorite band released this:

I am going to be wasting a lot of my money in the foreseeable future, and yet, I am happy.

5. Christmas happened-I now have some clothes and sharp clay tools-neat.

6. The Discovery channel informed me that 2012 might suck, but I'm pretty sure we'll all be long as nobody panics...O_O

I think that's it. So until next time,

Happy Winter Holidays Everybody!

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