Sunday, January 17, 2016

Undersized Urbanite - Progress With A Bit Of Purple

Update Time!

At the moment I am torn between working on the dollhouse for Undersized Urbanite and posting updates for you all to see, so bear with me while I try to fit in time to take/edit photos + compose the quick write ups. As of typing this, I am actually weeks ahead of what you are seeing here, but I still have a ways to go (Will she meet the deadline? Stay tuned...).

Theme - wise the surreal house has been coming along nicely, the plan in my head has changed a bit though. Not that you could really see what the original plan was to begin with, I just thought I'd let you know that there is a lot more purple now (with even more on the way). ^_^

 Here's how the dollhouse looked the last time you saw it;

(Artwork in the background by studio co-artists:
 painting on the left by Dan Covey, 
2 digital pieces on the right are by Michele Mirabella)

 I planned to do some faux-stone mosaic work siding, 
so first I had to sketch out that area.

For new readers: By "faux-stone", 
I mean that I'm using egg carton/packing materials 
made out of recycled paper products. 

 I painted the mosaic area gray and then started cutting out the carton.
I'm going with a mix of triangles and some free form shapes this time around.

Painted the pieces purple and started gluing them in place.

 The tricky part is finding something to use as the mortar/filler that goes between the carton pieces. Previous projetcs I was using clay, but that can be time consuming and a little expensive. So this time around I am using Puff paint/dimensional fabric paint. 
So far, I am enjoying the results.

I tested the puff paint out on a few pieces at the back of the house - looks good.

And here is the first finished section of the mosaic wall. It needs some touch ups, 
and I might do some light painting over the bright white to dull it a little bit, 
but this turned out really well. I am super happy with the house at this stage.

For anyone looking for this paint to try out on their own projects:
I am using Tulip Dimensional Fabric paint, Slick White. 
If you can't find it at your local store, it is available on Amazon.

 (Yep, ending this post with an ad, but I do like this paint, so why not?)


  1. Hello Kyle,
    The mosaic looks beautiful. Great choice of color.
    Big hug

  2. Replies
    1. The puff paint? I just fill in the gaps between the stone pieces -works great. :)