Thursday, October 8, 2015

A New Place To Work, A New Place To Work On

Time to catch up on blogging - Where to Start?...Ok, first some big news - I have an art studio to work in now. ^_^   ^_^   ^_^

A few friends and I are sharing the space, so it's both huge and affordable. We started renting the place in August and plan on being there for at least the next year.

Part of me wants to post photos of what it looks like right now, but right now it's a mess and my friends and I are still working on hanging artwork/etc., so for now, I'll just show you what the place looked like the day I picked up my keys.

It's part of a much, much bigger art building in Lockport, and I will post more about it once I'm better set up to let in visitors.

 Finding this space when I did turned out to be such great timing too because the week after I signed the lease, I crossed paths with a cool dollhouse at a rummage sale. Without the studio I would've had to pass, no room at home for another big (tiny) house, but with the studio I had the space for it - Hooray;

 (It barely fit in the back of the car, but chillin' in the studio it looks so small)

 It's a Country Manor Dollhouse kit by Skil-Craft, catalog # 688. Thank you too Kelly and the rest of the Greenleaf Forum community for solving that mystery for me. ^_^

This house was so well put together, and so well kept over the years (no idea when it was assembled, but the kit is from the 70's). Damage-wise, I need to fix some railings and the window "glass" is yellowed/cracked/covered in stickers. Compared to all my troubles with the Van Buren, this is going to be such an easy project.

Since it's living in the studio, the plan is to restore it and then use it as a tiny showroom for at least some of the miniatures I have for sale. It also gives me an opportunity to do more with mini furniture vs. the 'everything except furniture' I usually sell.

Already got started, and even with the crazy schedule I have right now, I'm slowly making progress on everything. So more updates should be on the way soon.


  1. Hello Kyle,
    That is a great studio. Congratulations! The dollhouse is lovely and I can't wait to see you finish it.
    Big hug,

  2. Congrats on the studio. It looks like its going to be a great place to have fun.