Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Curious Concepts Project: Finished! Hooray!

Well it's done, totally finished. The Curious Concepts Project, for those who haven't been following along, was a small Kickstarter project I had been working on. Originally planned out to last 6 months, life thought it would be funny to cause a whole mess of tiny yet annoying delays, so the project stretched out to a little longer than a year. Otherwise I think it went well.

Summing up what I was asking of backers: " See some cool illustrations, Help make them available online, & Take part in the creation of a whole new series". And I'd have to say this project was pretty successful in doing those things. For one thing, these now exist;

Some of them are available on Etsy, along with many of my other illustrations/digital paintings. And thanks to the funds from this project - They're actually affordable and easy to ship now.

There's also a whole mess of Haiku Letter Drawings, which you can see on DeviantArt. Here are some of my favorites;

N.C. Sailor Boy - Haiku Letter Drawing by Kyle-Lefort on DeviantArt
Desert Sunset - Haiku Letter Drawing by Kyle-Lefort on DeviantArt
Thank You Flowers - Haiku Letter Drawing by Kyle-Lefort on DeviantArt
Bubbly Frog - Haiku Letter Drawing by Kyle-Lefort on DeviantArt

If you would like to see all the blog posts about this project, just follow the Curious Concepts Project tags.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone: For backing the project, for re-blogging/sharing the project so others knew about it, for following, for reading my posts, for commenting,... Thank you so much. I appreciate it, I really do. ^_^

So what's next? We we'll just have to wait and see.

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  1. Well done on working through to the completion of your project Kyle. I look forward to seeing what is next.