Friday, October 31, 2014

Night of The Jack-O-Lanterns

I've received a few messages from people interested in joining my mini Halloween challenge, but between the Greenleaf forum being down for a few days, and everyone being understandably busy - No one is done. Heck, my scene was simple and it still ended up being a last minute project. Anyway, the offer still stands and I will gladly post Halloween scenes all weekend if people get them to me.

Personally speaking, crunched for time, I almost skipped one of my favorite things - Pumpkin carving! But nope, I had to carve at least one pumpkin, just had too. So last night after work I sat at the kitchen table scooping pumpkin guts, weilding a giant knife, and behold - Whatever this thing is supposed to be;

My jack-o-lanterns are always cute, a little odd, but never scary. 
I'm cool with that.

No plan, just carved a face. Sort of reminds me of a bat...with some other things mixed in. Glad I made time for this - It's just not the same without one.

Hope everyone has a great weekend - Happy Halloween!


  1. Oh, I really love your pumpkin when it is lit. Looks fabulous.

  2. Great carving! Our are looking quite sad after the recent frost..on to Thankgiving I think!

  3. Hi Kyle! I'm glad you carved your pumpkin! I also did mine last minute... I spent way too much time on my Very Long Halloween story...! I almost ran out of time this year! LOL! I make too many "scenes" to be able to call them specifically Halloween scenes... but they all make the Spooky time of year come alive for me! Keep on creating.... but never skip the Pumpkins!

  4. Hello Kyle,
    Great pumpkin. I look forward to seeing your scene.
    Big hug,