Friday, February 21, 2014

The Curious Concepts Project: WIP "Colors"

I've been working on "Colors" (still a working title), so it's time for an update;

 As a reminder, 
This is the sketch I'm painting over.

I traced over my lines in Photoshop to create selection paths. 
You can't see the paths themselves here, but I used them to add in the colors,  
Navy Blue, Purple, and "Silver", which you can see.

Not sure if I've explained this enough yet, but all those shapes/colors are on different layers, one of the perks of using a computer. When I work on digital paintings I can go over AND under what I've already painted in. I can also hide and reveal layers as needed.

Used a soft edge brush tool to add some stars.

A texture brush + the burn/dodge tools.

More burning and dodging. The stripes were given identical textures, 
so you couldn't see them very well until I started shading.

Because you can never have too many dots, 
I used a hard edge round brush and made this spotted pattern.
And it's hard to see here, but I painted a layer of texture onto the ship.

Used the paths again to remove the purple spots
 from anywhere they weren't supposed to be.

Took the round brush and switched the edges back to a soft setting. 
Then I selected the Dodge tool and went over each of the purple dots, 
so now they look round and dimensional instead of just flat purple.

Hard to explain this part. 

Basically I took the original purple lines and blurred them. The selection paths were used to keep  the lines' edges from blurring too. I added a new layer of blue underneath, again using the paths so nothing else in the image would be affected. The blue is showing through the purple a little now.

Painted in some shadows behind the ship and large striped shape at the top.
I also did some more shading.

It's not finished yet, but the next time you see this, it should be. :)
(and I will have figured out a real title-might ask Vitt what she thinks)

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