Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blogging-Yeah that's a Clever title

Let me start off by saying, I am not a writer-I've been told that I am good at writing, but still,
I am not a writer.

That said, Welcome to the very first, "Kyle Lefort (the blog)", post.

Is that a dumb name? No, I don't think so. It was just going to be, "Kyle Lefort", but that's me and if the blog and I were both using the same name people would confuse us for each other. Before you know it the blog would be getting hired for design work and I'd be expected to contain links to funny Youtube videos. At some point I'd have to fight the blog to get my identity back, it just-no I wasn't even going to risk it.

Back on topic now, first blog post, so I should probably establish some things before you get bored and leave.

What you really should know about Kyle Lefort (The artist);

1. I am a Designer.Illustrator.Artist. by calling, profession, & choice.
2. I am a girl. Kyle is a girl's name, so if you are a boy named Kyle-sorry I just called it.

Why the blog?

At first, I thought a blog had to be about a specific topic-This doesn't work for me. I'd get bored just talking about one thing all the time.

Then I was worried that if I just talked about whatever I felt like talking about, I wouldn't have many followers, BUT THEN I remembered that I don't want people being fans of my blog-I want them to be fans of my art.

The main purpose of this blog is so that when I learn something, make something out of the ordinary, or just want to rant, I can do so in a manner that might also educate and/or amuse others. Thoughts are meant for sharing. At least, that's what I think.

Besides, as an artist, my personal background and my thoughts, are all reflected in my work. I love knowing the context in which a work of art came from. So if you do like my work, you might be interested in what I think too?

Speaking of my work-If interested, please check out my current work;
And don't forget to 'like' me on fb;

Now I'm off to properly format this blog (I cringed when I was prompted to select a template-did I mention I'm a designer?)

Hopefully you all stick around and keep reading this blog-I promise it will be more entertaining next time(links, pictures, singing & dancing when appropriate), but to send you off with something 'fun'...

Name; Kyle definition; "noun, a narrow channel of water between two islands or between an island and the mainland". result; "Did you mean Kale?" top result; "Come with me if you want to live".~James Cameron (yes!)

Try it with your own name, then your dog's, cat,...hamster....

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