Thursday, July 30, 2020

Expressing Myself Through Craft prompts this question; How do I express myself with craft? Oh, boy...

I make small things to express wonder and whimsy,

I make big things to feel connected to the big world I live in,

I make Art to celebrate my surroundings,

Sometimes I can use craft to make the day feel a little brighter,

And I love to help people,

My local community and all across the world!

This is just some of the work I have done at my studio, at home, and out in the community as part of my Indie creative business and as an Artist. If you'd like to read more and see more, please check out the rest of my creative blog, my Instagram, and


  1. I love your "small things" and admire your way of expressing your enjoyment in your craft.

  2. You sound like my kind of person. Creatively free thinker!